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A lot of historical buildings suffered from the missile fragments. The beloved Red (Main) academic building of Taras Shevchenko National University was damaged as well.

The damages were made to Mykhailo Maksymovych Scientific Library where a significant amount of hand printed books are stored, and to the Educational and Scientific Institute of Philology where Denys Antipov and Sviatoslav Horbenko, our heroes and defenders, studied and worked.

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Dear Ukrainians and the world community,

For 190 years Taras Shevchehko National University of Kyiv has been delivering its scientific and educational activities at strengthening humanistic principles, democracy, progress and global development!

Nowadays the University educates over 30 thousand students, engages about 7 thousand professionals, comprises of 13 faculties, 12 institutes, 2 colleges and a lyceum. In addition, there are Astronomical Observatory, Botanical Garden, Kaniv Nature Reserve, libraries and other departments.

In 2022 our graduates enhanced the glory of Alma Mater by winning the most prestigious global awards. Mathematician Maryna Viazovska was awarded the Fields Medal and human rights advocate Oleksandra Matviichuk was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Unfortunately, the mankind will remember 2022, first of all, as the year of chauvinistic evil assaulting the democracy and the year of bloodstained all-out war of russia against Ukraine. This year placed itself on record with the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation suffering unrecoverable human losses and significant damages protecting freedom of the civilized World and it all happens in the XXI century.


Already done

The University has begun repairing damages and restoring the buildings soon after the russian missile attacks and keeps reporting the results to the big University community. Learn more about things we’ve done for today and join restoring.

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Тільки спільними діями ми зможемо подолати наслідки обстрілів країни-терориста і зберегти наші історичні будівлі, цінності та освіту.

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